“The LEGO Movie”: An Underrated Cinematic Masterpiece

Hello, I’m MusiCommentator, and…I’m not going to be talking about music.  I know, that’s crazy, right?  But, one of the main reasons this “Collective Minds” blog was created was so that bloggers like me could expand their styles and try out new things, so I’m going to write about something much different from music.  I’m going to talk about a movie!  In the grand scheme of things, movies are not completely different from music, but compared to what I normally post on my personal blog, it’s basically a 180 degree turn, so there’s nothing left to do than to get right into this.

So, a couple days ago, I was planning on listening to Drake’s album “Scorpion” to do a review of it (keep a look out on my blog for that), but while hanging out with my parents for a little bit and flipping through my television’s guide, I saw “The LEGO Movie” come across my eyes.  At this point, I knew my night’s plans were demolished and I had to sit down to watch this movie.  I had not watched it in a very long time, but I had been wanting to for a while, and with the trailer for the sequel coming out recently, it was only a matter of time before they put the original on TV, so I had no choice but to watch it.  I missed the first half hour of the movie, but after watching this film, I realized again how amazing it is, and how much of an underrated classic it turned out to be.

Some may argue with me on whether it is actually “underrated” or not since it did well in the box office, but when was the last time you heard someone talking about “The LEGO Movie”?  Exactly.

There are many reasons why this movie is so great!  For starters, the attention to detail they put in it is phenomenal!  There’s a video by a great YouTuber talking about this called “The Effort They Put Into Making ‘The Lego Movie’ Was Insane” that will explain this much better than I could, but I will try my best.  “The LEGO Movie” is done entirely in CGI–besides for the live action sequences–but it looks like it’s all stopmotion animation.  The animators purposefully did this and did so by painstakingly going through hundreds of hours of homemade LEGO stopmotion animation videos to study how LEGOs move.  They then scanned individual bricks and put them into digital animation programs to make what they wanted.  Paraphrasing the video, imagine building LEGO sets without instructions on a computer where you have to digitally scan each piece.  Yeah…that’s pretty impressive.

The performances are also amazing!  The amount of talent they got for this movie is just incredible!  Chris Pratt does an excellent job as main character Emmet, mixing his charm and charisma perfectly with the character’s goals and motivations.  Elizabeth Banks and Morgan Freeman tackle their roles awesomely, and Will Arnett pulls off a way better Batman than Ben Affleck ever could.  I could just list the whole cast and praise them for their superb jobs, but we’d be here all day if I did that, so I’ll move on.  Before I do, though, I would like to point out that they got Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill to play Superman and Green Lantern, respectively, and their parts are hilarious.  But, moving on.

The best part of the movie is probably its story and message.  Anyone can just dismiss “The LEGO Movie” as being bad because it’s a “children’s movie” and therefore does not have to be listened to, but this movie is so much more.  I would actually compare this a lot to Spongebob.  It’s a weird comparison, but hear me out.  Both do a good job at appealing to kids and adults alike, and both try to be more than what their respective mediums need them to be when it comes to teaching kids things.  “The LEGO Movie” could have certainly pulled off what “Minions” or “The Emoji Movie” did and just make a stupid, mindless, “family friendly” flick that appealed to kids for 90 minutes and be on their way with all of the parents’ cash, but they didn’t do that.  Not only did the movie’s message perfectly embody the whole point of LEGOs as a toy and company, but also inspired kids to be creative in a way that not many movies with the same message do.  And, certainly, when the point of LEGOs are to be creative, this message fits like a glove.

So, that’s why I believe “The LEGO Movie” is an underrated, cinematic masterpiece.  Like I mentioned in the beginning, this is far from my normal kind of post, but that’s what I plan on using this blog for.  I definitely won’t post on here regularly like my personal blog, but be on the lookout for when I do post stuff, because I will always try to make whatever I say valuable and entertaining.  Thank you for reading this post, and be sure to follow my Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to check in to see what the other bloggers on this site have to say.  Until then…well, I can’t do my regular outro here anymore, so…uh…bye, I guess.  See you next time?

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