Camo Clothing in 2018

It’s no lie that camouflage has always been essential when it comes to fashion, however, it’s been becoming more and more popular this year than ever before from what I’ve noticed. I happen to camo clothes are becoming a must-have staple of 2018, based on a few observations I’ve made over the course of this year so far. Here are three reasons why you should own a piece or two of camo clothing this year.

1. Store Availability

Recently, I’ve noticed stores such as Zumiez and Urban Outfitters have been selling Rothco gear. Specifically camo hats, pants, and shirts which makes a direct influence on making it a common fashion trend this year due to the availability. The wide selection of options that are offered at both stores is quite plentiful as they offer anything from camo belts to jackets. That fact that two huge retailers are buying into this trend must mean there’s an ample demand to sell these items. With the price of these items being around $10-$15 more than the actual Rothco prices, it’s easy to see where the hype lies on camo clothes.


2. Diverse Colors

With Rotcho being the best choice for camo-related clothing, in my opinion, it is important to know the colors that they have to offer. With colors such as orange, red, purple, blue, pink, and yellow being quite unique to the camo family, I think it is important to see the usefulness of the offered color palette. These colors are so vibrant and bright, they allow for creative options when crafting an outfit. While typical green camo is a staple for fashion, the possibilities are endless when you swap that cliche green jacket for an orange camo piece. With around nine different colors being offered from Rotcho, I think now is the best time to buy up these pieces and start crafting intricate and fun Summer outfits.


3. Versatility

The most important factor when buying clothing is to determine the versatility a certain piece can offer. While Summer is blazing hot, it might be smart to not wear heavy camo jackets, however, with Fall and Winter coming later this year I think everyone should own a Gore-Tex Rain Parka. These waterproof jackets are extremely breathable and can be worn on gloomy and cold days while still looking great! I’ve owned one of these for around six months, and it’s become my favorite jacket in my closet. This jacket is super comfortable and accountable as it protects from the wind and rain while keeping you cool and fashionable. While these can be pricey, they are worth every penny as they will become one of the best jackets you’ll ever own. Based on versatility alone, these jackets make up their price easily once you find yourself wearing it wherever you go towards the end of the year.

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